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Adam Chancellor

Fleet Service Agent, CLT

Adam Chancellor

Adam Chancellor was diagnosed with cancer in 2003.

“I was 26 years old and trying to get into the Army Reserve as a physical therapist,” says the CLT-based fleet service agent. “The medical doctor noticed I had a problem, so he disqualified me from getting into the service.”

Adam’s “problem” turned out to be testicular cancer. His hope of joining the Army Reserve came to an end. And when his treatment began, so did his hopes of one day fathering children.

“I used humor and laughter to cope and deal with the realization that I couldn’t father children,” says Adam. “That was painful to realize, but I got through it.”

After three months of radiation therapy and an outpouring of support from those around him, Adam got through the ordeal. Today, he is happily married with two stepchildren. He takes testosterone supplements to maintain a healthy hormone level and holds on to his positive attitude.

“The fact is, it’s my story. It’s my fight. But I’m still here to fight.” Adam urges others who face similar hardships to “don’t ever give up. Stay strong no matter how sad or challenging it becomes. You can do it!”

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