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Vicki Putnam

Flight Service/Program Developer – Flight Service Training

Vicki Putnam

Recently diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, Vicki Putnam has a long road ahead of her.

When it is detected in early stages, breast cancer has a very high rate of recovery. Unfortunately, Vicki did not discover her breast cancer until it was in its later stages. According to Vicki, “breast cancer is very treatable and survivor rates continue to climb each year … if you’re talking about early stage breast cancer.” But for those dealing with advanced metastatic breast cancer, the story is quite different.

“There is no cure for metastatic breast cancer,” she says. “I will be in some type of treatment for the rest of my life.”

Vicki does her best to stay positive. She enjoys support and love from her friends and family, but says they are unaware of what she’s actually going through. As a mother of four boys, she struggles with the uncertainty she faces. “Will I make it two more years or will I see my 6-year-old graduate high school? These are questions no one wants to think about. Ever.”

It is still early in Vicki’s journey, having been diagnosed in June. She is learning more every day about how to live with her cancer and what lifelong treatments will mean to her and her family.

“None of us have a guaranteed amount of time on this earth, and I’m certainly going to fight with all my might to live as long as I can. But I also know there are a limited number of treatment options and that my body can only handle so much.”

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